Farmer/Florist Crew Member 


Wimbee Creek Farm is a cut flower farm located in Seabrook, SC. We grow on 100 acres outside of Beaufort, SC, with 5-7 acres of field and greenhouse production each year. We specialize in cut flowers, hand tied bouquets, farmers markets, special events and floral workshops. We aim to grow the highest quality flowers for use and enjoyment by local and regional designers, wedding planners and people who love flowers throughout the SC Lowcountry. 


The Job: 


At Wimbee Creek Farm we are a close-knit team of individuals who work together to run the farm and get the job done. Responsibilities are tailored to the individual, however, all team members are involved in almost all aspects of the farm. Our daily responsibilities vary but may include: 


  • Care for greenhouse seedlings and plants 
  • Transplant and direct seed in the fields and greenhouses 
  • Maintain plantings (i.e. cultivate, trellis, prune and deadhead, disease and pest control) 
  • Harvest flowers and post-harvest handling/processing 
  • Prep and pack flowers for retail and wholesale clients 
  • Barn cleaning and organization (walk-ins, buckets, floral scraps, tools, equipment) 
  • Assist design for weddings, events, special orders and hand tied bouquets 


The Ideal candidate will have some agriculture and leadership experience, but most importantly is excited about farming and flowers, is energetic, creative and teachable, works quickly and efficiently, has a good work ethic and a good attitude. Further, the farm team member works well with others while not allowing socializing to get in the way of work, keeps safety in mind, and is willing to be in the public eye, positively representing our business. 


Candidates must also be able to lift, bend and work pleasantly in the elements, rain or shine. 

This position is paid hourly with pay commensurate with experience. We work 6-8 hours per day, or more depending on business demands, 4-5 days per week, depending on the season. Some weekends may be required. We are a seasonal business, with a decrease in demands in January and August. The farm is looking for a mostly full-time team member. 

Employee is responsible for housing, reliable transportation to farm, and appropriate farm clothes/raingear. 


If you’re interested, please send a resume and cover letter to maria@wimbeecreekfarm.com, or reach out to us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you!